2theloo expands to 10 petrol stations in Germany

October 23, 2023

2theloo and BREAK Autohöfe announce a strategic partnership in building the ‘Autohöfe of the Future’.

Berlin, Germany - Toilet shop chain 2theloo is expanding its concept to 10 locations in Germany. To do so, the Amsterdam-based company has entered into a partnership with Break Autohöfe.

As part of the partnership, 2theloo will be opening 10 new locations in Germany, starting with the BREAK Autohöfe Hamburg Nordheide set to officially open at the 28th of September. The expansion will provide more enjoyable and high-quality public restrooms for Germans and visitors to the country.

"2theloo is committed to providing a surprisingly fun and comfortable toilet break for everyone, every time, as we’ve done over more than a decade along train stations, highways and commercial areas across Europe. We're thrilled to partner with BREAK Autohöfe to expand our presence in Germany," said Chris Meijers, CEO of 2theloo. "Nanz Stiftung is a respected developer with an impressive track record, and we're confident that our partnership will bring tremendous value to both of our organizations."


The new 2theloo locations will be strategically located in high-traffic areas such as petrol stations on and off motorways, offering a range of amenities and services including clean, wheelchair accessible restroom facilities, shower cells, and - in the full concept - additional features like gift items and other relevant on-the-go essentials.

"We are excited to partner with 2theloo to bring high-quality restroom facilities to our BREAK Autohöfe," said Lars Bohnenkamp, CEO of Nanz Gruppe. "By offering a top-of-the-line restroom concept, we can enhance the overall experience of our tenants and visitors, which is essential to our mission of creating vibrant and successful commercial spaces."

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The partnership between 2theloo and BREAK Autohöfe represents a significant milestone for both companies and underscores their shared commitment to providing exceptional services to customers and tenants.

Earlier this year, 2theloo announced it was expanding to 14 major stations in Belgium. "We are building the brand, we have new locations, we are making operational money again. There is a very positive vibe," Meijers said.

About 2theloo & BREAK Autohöfe.

2theloo is an international company that specializes in operating sanitary facilities in high-traffic locations such as train stations, highways, and busy city-centres. As the global market leader, the company is known for providing surprisingly fun and comfortable restroom experiences. Founded in 2011, 2theloo has expanded to more than 9 countries and operates approximately 175 locations throughout Europe, serving over 45 million visitors annually with its leading toilet concept.

For further information, visual materials, or interview requests, please contact Michiel Stock, Head of Marketing & Communications at 2theloo, via email at michiel.stock@2theloo.com, telephone at +31(0) 6 10 95 70 73 or visit our website at 2theloo.com.

BREAK Autohöfe is a state-of-the-art Autohof concept in Germany. The first location is 40 km south of Hamburg. On a total area of over 55,000 m., truckers, business travellers, families and residents will discover one of the most modern facilities in Europe. In addition to the petrol station, you will find a wide range of shops, a selection of restaurants, a modern hotel and 150 truck parking spaces. The connected solar plant completes the picture of the new generation of Autohöfe in Europe.

For further information, visual materials, or interview requests, please contact Thorsten Neumann, Projektleiter Autohöfe at Nanz-Stiftung, via email at info@break-autohof.de or visit our website at www.break-autohof.de.