Employee Spotlight: Vincent Herfst - Head of Operations at 2theloo

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December 4, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Vincent Herfst - Head of Operations at 2theloo

Meet Vincent Herfst, the driving force behind the seamless operations at 2theloo. As the Head of Operations, Vincent has been an integral part of the 2theloo family since March 21, 2023. Let's dive into Vincent's world, exploring his role, passions, and the unique aspects that make 2theloo a fantastic workplace.

Role and responsibilities:

Vincent takes on the challenging yet rewarding responsibility of overseeing both the strategic and day-to-day operations across company-owned sites and those operated by 2theloo's valued partners. His mission revolves around creating a robust structure and implementing efficient processes to ensure the continuous and smooth operation of the business.

Challenges of pioneering:

Vincent acknowledges the enjoyment and freedom that come with designing the operational model at 2theloo. However, he candidly shares that pioneering can be time-consuming. Despite the challenges, Vincent's commitment to innovation and improvement remains unwavering.

Proudest achievements:

Vincent's pride extends beyond the operational intricacies. Foremost, he celebrates the dedicated teams that consistently craft delightful experiences for 2theloo's guests. Additionally, Vincent highlights the significant milestone of successfully opening 12 sites at the NMBS railway stations in Belgium—a testament to his leadership and the collective efforts of the entire 2theloo team.

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What sets 2theloo apart:

For Vincent, 2theloo's greatness as a workplace is rooted in the company's entrepreneurial mindset. This mindset not only empowers each individual within the organization but also fuels a commitment to strengthening the business proposition continually. Beyond business, 2theloo prioritizes the development of its colleagues' competencies. Vincent emphasizes that these elements are fostered within a casual environment, creating a workplace where fun is always on the agenda.

Vincent Herfst's journey at 2theloo reflects the dynamic and innovative spirit that defines the company. Through strategic leadership, dedication to excellence, and a commitment to employee empowerment, Vincent contributes significantly to making 2theloo a thriving and enjoyable place to work.